Common weaponry is ineffective against the demons. Heroes don’t use M-16s or AK-47s to fight the forces of Hell, but instead use exotic super-science weapons like the Arc Lasher or the HARP rifle. As opposed to bullets, projectile weapons fire sharpened spikes made from Palladium that have been ionized with holy water. Even more mundane weapons such as Flame Throwers use alchemical solutions – such as the long forgotten Greek Fire – as opposed to simple napalm. Energy weapons use the works of Tesla as a basis from which to generate electrical charges, unleash streams of intensified light.


Crafted from the material known as Palladium, these bladed weapons are imbued with mystical qualities that allow their wielder to deal damage to demons that would otherwise be difficult to kill. Many Templar are skilled in melee combat and use swords as an extension of their fighting abilities. Initially, only Templars are proficient in the use of swords. Cabalists and Hunters may require training before they are capable of handling swords.

Cricket bat


In the thick of battle, few survive without heavy protection. The Templar have created heavy plates of armor to defend them against the demonic forces, yet even that has proven insufficient at times. The shield is an age old defense that has again proven its worth after the fall of mankind, keeping those survivors that actively engage the demons in close combat relatively safe. It is not a purely defensive piece of equipment though, Templar can stun, slam and buffet with the shield, making it a very versatile part of the equipment.


Spike bolter

Pistols are small firearms intended to be used with one hand. In the 15th century the term "pistol" was used for small knives and daggers which could be concealed in a person's clothing. By the 18th century the term came to be used exclusively to refer to hand-held firearms. The handgun is the most moral of all firearms, in the sense that it may be readily employed to eliminate criminals, corrupt politicians, dictators... and demons.


Viral lance

Not too heavy, not too light. The perfect ratio for devastation. The rifle is the embodiment of the militant. Standard issue to the Hunter, the rifle provides its user with superior range, accuracy and firepower to its smaller counterpart, the pistol, capable of taking out the toughest of fiends from a distance without inviting the least bit of attention to the location of its user. Originally useless against demons, some of these weapons have since been imbued with the mystical properties of Palladium, which make them capable of delivering a deadly payload into the heart of evil with unmatched alacrity and accuracy.

Heavy WeaponsEdit

"Heavy" is a term used to classify projectile weapons which carry a significant payload. These weapons, which typically require the use of both hands, are capable of dealing massive amounts of damage. Weapons of this sort do not require a lot of finesse, though their bulk prevents many from opting to use them. These personal weapons are generally experimental versions of larger, squad-based weapons and are available to the military-based Hunter faction.




Some equipment can be modified through the introduction of various technological and magical elements, commonly called Mods. These Mods are typically integrated into pre-defined slots or hard points on an item through a simple procedure that can be performed by any adventurer. Whether found or fabricated, Mods can improve or alter the abilities of the item they are placed into. The modification of an item commonly results in a corresponding change in its silhouette as they are designed to be easily integrated and removed. Basically, it is a simple and common matter for Mods to be popped in and out of items designed to use them.