Current footage of Hellgate London is available from various sources. This sources include,, E3, GStar and many many more. The footage seen below has been taken from various builds of the game, because of this, one can see the advancement that Hellgate: London has gone through. When Hellgate: London launches expect to see various FAN MADE videos showcasing the game, as well as awesome gear and feats

See Below for the various categories of video footage

Please note, Videos can take as long as 24-48 hours to become viewable if you upload a video through YOUTUBE

Also note: videos can be removed if they were taken from other sites should the site go on a "we hate youtube" moment.

Trailers & CommercialsEdit

E3 2005 Original Teaser/Trailer

E3 2006 Full Trailer

HG:L Commercial Spoof A HG:G Exclusive

HG:L Commercial Spoof B HG:G Exclusive

HG:L Commercial Spoof C HG:G Exclusive


Developer Interview From Gamespot (Q1 2005)

Bill Roper Interview From Gamespot

Bill Roper Interview w/ about WETA figures

Bill Roper Interview w/ GameReactor @ GDC 2007

Bill Roper Interview w/ 4/26/2007

Gameplay (Pre-Launch)Edit with good quality keep watching!

Hellgate London Fan-Kit Footage video1

Hellgate London Fan-Kit Footage video3

Hellgate London Fan-Kit Footage video4

E3 2005 Floor Footage

FSS Gameplay footage / Early 2006

GStar2006 Footage - Hunter Only

CG2007: Templar Classes

Hunter Classes 5/17/2007

HG:L ICE footage 4/26/2007

HG:L SCORCHED footage 4/26/2007

Blademaster Sample Skills 5/16/2007

Guardian Sample Skills 5/16/2007

Evoker Sample Skills 6/20/2007

Summoner Sample Skills 6/20/2007


This is for GAMEPLAY footage after official launch. Keep this to SINGLE-PLAYER only


This is for MULTIPLAYER footage AFTER the official launch of Hellgate London, and can contain RAID videos.