Patch 1.2Edit

Implemented 17th of March 2008

Patch 1.1Edit

Implemented ?

Patch 1.0: The chronicles of Stone HengeEdit

Implemented 22nd of january 2008

Patch 0.7Edit

Implemented 21st of december 2007

Patch 0.6Edit

Implemented (?)

Patch 0.5Edit

Implemented 21st of November 2007

The first four Ongoing Patches include:Edit

During the Asian Launch Party of Hellgate: London, a few interesting things regarding ongoing content and updates arose. The first four patches have been mapped out for us!

  • We will update special events every month
  • We are hoping to release larger content-based patches every 3-4 months
  • We intend to focus on the first four Ongoing Patches

  • Special server types and game modes, like “Hardcore”, “PVP’, and “Role-play”
  • Expanded Guild support, like guild housing and shared guild stash
  • Auction House access and expanded social support, like in-game email and out of game character *access
  • Class based “epic” quests for “ultimate” equipment
  • Expanded group management, like auto-group matchmaking
  • Armor Mod system
  • Trinket system
  • Usable stationary Turrets
  • New Monsters
  • New Weapons
  • New Armor Sets
  • New individual pieces of armor
  • New Tile Sets
  • New Locations
  • New Skills
  • New Affixes
  • New Character Classes

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