The miles of track and supporting infrastructure that makes up the London Underground Transport system has survived the demonic Invasion fairly well. Although there are signs of the devastation everywhere, it is not uncommon to come upon storerooms that are still completely intact. There are also remnants of power sources set up by the Templar during their retreat beneath the earth that can be discovered by those curious – and brave – enough to search the demon infested subways.

Covent Garden Service LineEdit

This terminus is little more than a servicing depot for trains. Its proximity to danger, however, is a reminder that the threat of the demons is ever-present and very real.

Northern LineEdit

This line stems off from the Leicester Square station outpost. Running roughly beneath St. Martin’s Street, several new offshoots have been discovered that lead to once-sealed locations. There are rumors of a Primus constructing a hideous torture chamber somewhere along the line, although no one has yet found its location.

Leicester Square LineEdit

Providing a conduit between the Covent Garden and Leicester Square stations, the only traffic these tracks see are of dark origins. The muggy air here hangs heavy and is tinged with an ominous reddish hue. While travelers can still make their way to points south within London using this line, they only should do so if heavily armed.