The Templar rises high above the minions of darkness and brings down the heavy hand of the heavens.

  • Effect: Overhand attacks does +200% damage [plus 10% per level]
  • Requires: Sword
  • Power cost: 5

Skill Rank: 1 Spurred on by divine determination, the running speed of the Templar is greatly increased for a short amount of time.

  • Power cost: 10 (minus 3 per level)

The righteous vengeance of the Templar is channeled into a whirling attack that strikes any foes within melee range. Effect: +75% damage [plus 5%per level]

  • Requires: Sword
  • Power cost: 5

Calling upon the courage of his ancestors, the Templar charges headlong into battle!

  • Requires: Sword
  • Power cost: 25

Holy AurasEdit
Aura of RenewalEdit

Through meditation and the channeling of divine energy the natural healing abilities of the Templar are greatly increased.

Regeneration rate changes based on the amount of enemies within the Templar’s Holy Aura.

  • Upkeep cost: 30 Power (minus 5 per level)
Grand AuraEdit

Vigilance in studying the tactics of the demons increases the radius of the Templar’s Holy Aura by 15% per level.
Power AuraEdit

As a Templar places themselves in greater danger, their increasing faith fuels their power. Power regeneration rate changes based on the amount of enemies within the Templar’s Holy Aura.

  • Upkeep cost: 30 power (minus 5 per level)
Aura of Sacred WindsEdit

This appeal calls upon the divine spirits to turn aside some ranged attacks that enter into the Templar’s Holy Aura

  • Upkeep Cost: 25 Power
Fire AuraEdit

By channeling the flames of eternal vigilance, the amount of Fire damage caused by the Templar increases. The amount is based on the number of enemies within the Templar’s Holy Aura.

  • Upkeep Cost: 20 Power


This command draws enemies within the Templar’s Holy Aura into melee range and decreases the damage that they do.

  • Effect: 25% damage per level
  • Power cost: 25
Flurry boostEdit

Skill rank: 2 This chant conveys a boost to the Templar’s melee attack speed.

  • Effect: Speed increased for 5 seconds by 30% [plus 10% per level]
  • Power cost: 40

The Templar unleashes his righteous fury and becomes a spinning whirlwind of doom for 4 seconds.

  • Requires: Sword
  • Power cost: 40
Shield of FaithEdit

This prayer grants a 15 second boost to the Templar's total amount of shields.

  • Effect: +50 shields [+25 shields per level]
  • Power Cost: 40