Palladium Edit

Palladium is the current name for Currency in Hellgate: London. It is also the name of an Element on the periodic table Palladium and is, by analogy, anything believed to provide protection or safety; a safeguard. It is thought that Palladium is a good weapon against the Demons of Hellgate: London as breaking down any Weapon, Shield, or Armor will yield some thus proving that it was used in construction.

How To Obtain Edit

  • Enemies will drop Palladium
  • Selling items to the merchant or to other players in multiplayer

- Selling vs. Scrapping

  • Quest rewards often include palladium
  • Dismantling a low-level item sometimes awards Palladium.

Where To Spend Edit

  • Purchasing items from the merchant or from players in multiplayer
  • Augmentrex 3000 - used to add special properties to an item in exchange for palladium
  • Delux De-Modificator - used to remove mods from an item in exchange for palladium