As highly trained ex-military operatives these long range specialist know their weaponry and are highly adaptable to any combat situation. This lethal combination ensures that they are inflicting the most damage possible in any given situation.

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Marksman SkillsEdit

Sniper: The Marksman aims through the scope on his weapon. This increases the weapon's range and damage, but reduces its fire rate and forces the Marksman to stop moving.

Tactical Stance:

Description: The Hunter’s steadier aim and reduced profile as a target grant a tactical advantage over the enemy.
Firing Accuracy increased by 50%
Range increased by 25%
Missile Velocity increased by 25%
Rank 1: Critical damage increased by 4%
Next Rank: Critical damage increased by +1%

Rapid Fire:

Description: A 3-second burst that increases damage by 10% and greatly increases rate of fire at the cost of weapon accuracy. The hunter remains stationary while using this attack.
Rank 1: Rate of fire increased by 100%
Next Rank: Rate of fire increased by +15%