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The Inventory Panel will be located on a main window, along with the Character Window, that will be used to customize a character. It contains all of the character's stats, attributes, equipment, inventory, and even their avatar. It will also displays pertinent experience information, such as the character's current level.

  • The Inventory Panel is on the right.
  • The Character Window is on the left.
  • In the center is a picture of your avatar as well as his equipped items.


  • The current inventory panel is located on the right side of the character window and is 6 spaces wide by 12 high.
    • Each item occupies a varying number of squares, dependent upon its size.
  • In the center of the character window your avatar is displayed as well as various boxes where equipped items are shown or new items can be equipped.
    • Equipped items will not be stored in the inventory. Instead, they retain their own storage space on your body, so there will be more room for loot in the end.
  • Below your avatar your various quick weapon configurations are displayed next to their respective hot keys.

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