Type: Rifle
Damage: Elecrtic (Direct)
Max Mod Slots: 1 Fuel / 1 Battery

The HARP is a bulky, 2-handed device that houses both electrical and sonic generators. Resonance projection is accomplished through the generation of a static field that is arced forward, serving as a conduit for the oscillating sonic waves.

Originally created to clear debris from underground passages, HARP (Harmonic Resonance Projection) technology was soon utilized to combat the forces of darkness. A slowly oscillating beam of sound, channeled through tightly focused electrical particles, is used to vibrate objects at random frequencies. The effects of this are somewhat different depending on the target. Non-organic objects tend to vibrate slowly at first, building speed over 3 - 5 seconds until (in a near blur) they shatter in a usually impressive fashion. Organic targets, however, tend to have their internal neural systems disrupted and are held immobile in the weapon's beam.