A guild is an organization composed of a group of individual players. A more formal definition is below

  • A guild is an association of people of the same trade or pursuits, formed to protect mutual interests and maintain standards of morality or conduct.
  • Information below is subject to change (based on the current state of the game)

Guild GuidelinesEdit


  • Guilds are currently capable of being created by SUBSCRIPTION accounts only
  • Guild creation is accomplished by buying a guild banner from a vendor and right clicking it. Current cost of a guild banner is 10,000 palladium.

Member InformationEdit

  • Anyone may join a guild regardless of their SUBSCRIPTION status.
  • Guild membership is character specific, not account.

Guild Member RanksEdit

  • High Ranking features are only accessible by SUBSCRIPTION accounts only (ex: banning or kicking someone)
  • Currently, the only ranks are "Guild leader' and "Member".
  • There may be only one guild leader.

Guild FeaturesEdit

  • Invites may be sent to offline characters and will appear in the chat window once the character logs in again.
  • Guild chat channel.

Meeting HallsEdit


  • all categories are speculation and subject to change at any time

External linksEdit

  • X-tacles - a comedic Beta only guild with a focus on the HARDCORE play mode.
  • Sola-Fide - a friendly, family oriented, worldwide guild who is incredibly active and always growing.
  • Shadow Council - a casual, social guild on Shulgoth that has banded together to have fun.