Type: Pistol
Damage: Physical (Direct) & Fire (Splash)
Max Mod Slots: 1 Fuel / 1 Relic / 1 Rocket

This weapon infuses ancient myth into a highly-modified grenade launcher. By utilizing rounds filled with the long-forgotten alchemical solution known as "Greek Fire", the Grenadier is well suited to burn their unholy targets to the ground. In practical terms, the weapon lobs grenades that combust into a fiery splash and fill the targeted area with extremely hot, long-burning fire that is strangely resistant to the effects of water and chemical extinguishers.

Named after the famous 17th and 18th century British siege/assault troops that gained a reputation of being courageous and fearsome soldiers, the Grenadier is a tactical support weapon that is commonly employed by the Templar. While other types of ammunition have been created, the Holy Fire round is standard issue