Level System[]

  • Hellgate:London shows character progression by leveling them.

How to Receive EXP[]

This may be accomplished in two ways:

  1. Killing demons
  2. Completing a quest that awards an EXP bonus

Level Cap[]

  • Free accounts: Level 50
  • Subscription accounts: Level 50

Perks of a Level-Up[]

  • 1 skill point to invest in new skills
  • 5 attribute points to increase base statistics

EXP Summary[]

  • Each difficulty mode boost the EXP value of enemies. For Nightmare mode, in general, the level of mobs are its original level +30. For example: A Zombie in normal might be level 1-30 and give an EXP value of 50 - 100. The same zombie in nightmare mode might be level 31-50 and give an EXP value of 101-200.
  • The death penalty is only a -10% reduction in EXP gained for five minutes. The penalty does not increase, but the five minute timer resets if another death occurs. The death penalty only applies to characters above level 10.
  • Fighting monsters closer to your level will result in a quicker overall gain of experience. The larger the difference in level, the higher the experience penalty. See this thread[1] and the following information for details.
  • If the mob's level is x levels higher than your character's level, the following penalties are applied to its base xp:

0-2 levels higher: 100% xp
3 levels higher: 95% xp
4 levels higher: 90% xp
5 levels higher: 80% xp
6 levels higher: 70% xp
7 levels higher: 60% xp
8 levels higher: 50% xp
9 levels higher: 40% xp
10 levels higher: 30% xp
11 levels higher: 20% xp
12 levels higher: 10% xp
13 levels higher or more: 5% xp

  • If the mob's level is x levels lower than your character's level, the following penalty is applied instead:

1 level lower: 90% xp
2 levels lower: 78% xp
3 levels lower: 65% xp
4 levels lower: 50% xp
5 levels lower: 35% xp
6 levels lower: 21% xp
7 levels lower: 10% xp
8 levels lower: 4% xp
9 levels lower: 1% xp
10 levels lower or more: 0% xp

(Thanks to TerrorTed and Hammerman)

EXP chart[]

Listed by level and experience needed.

Lv2                    1,333xp                  
Lv3                    3,285xp
Lv4                    8,364xp
Lv5                   18,783xp
Lv6                   36,619xp
Lv7                   62,225xp
Lv8                   96,370xp
Lv9                  139,808xp
Lv10                 193,280xp
Lv11                 257,514xp
Lv12                 333,226xp
Lv13                 421,122xp
Lv14                 521,896xp
Lv15                 636,236xp
Lv16                 764,818xp
Lv17                 908,314xp
Lv18               1,067,386xp
Lv19               1,242,689xp
Lv20               1,434,872xp
Lv21               1,644,581xp
Lv22               1,872,452xp
Lv23               2,119,119xp
Lv24               2,385,209xp
Lv25               2,671,347xp
Lv26               2,978,151xp
Lv27               3,306,237xp
Lv28               3,656,217xp
Lv29               4,029,977xp
Lv30               4,482,977xp
Lv31               5,018,897xp
Lv32               5,641,417xp
Lv33               6,354,217xp
Lv34               7,160,977xp
Lv35               8,065,377xp
Lv36               9,071,097xp
Lv37              10,181,817xp
Lv38              11,401,217xp
Lv39              12,732,977xp
Lv40              14,180,777xp
Lv41              15,748,297xp
Lv42              17,439,217xp
Lv43              19,257,217xp
Lv44              21,205,977xp
Lv45              23,289,177xp
Lv46              25,510,497xp
Lv47              27,873,617xp
Lv48              30,382,217xp
Lv49              33,039,977xp
Lv50              35,850,577xp

(Thanks Stoy/Valkorine/Hammerman)

Area Level List[]

List of areas by average mob level:

Lv1          Russel Square, Tottenham Court Road
Lv2          Holborn Access Shafts
Lv3          Covent Garden Approach, Upper Kingsway Sewers
Lv4          Covent Garden Steam Tunnels, Lower Kingsway Sewers
Lv5          Covent Garden Train Depot, Covent Garden Market
Lv6          Bloomsbury, British Museum
Lv7          Liecester Square, St. Martin's
Lv8          Charing Cross Approach, Piccadilly Approach
Lv9          Piccadilly Circus
Lv10         Green Park Approach, Green Park Station
Lv11         Death's Sewers, Death's Tunnels
Lv12         Death's City, Saville Row, Admirality Arch, Chocolate Park
Lv13         Whitehall, Downing Street, Millenium Battle
Lv14         Craven Street, Embankment Approach
Lv15         Mind of 314, Waterloo Bridge
Lv16         Savoy, Temple Approach, Aldwych, Temple Access Ducts
Lv17         Forgotten Ducts, Waterloo, Upper Ground, Barge House, New Bridge,
              The Big Gundown, The Strand, Blackfriar's
Lv18         Puddle Dock, The Exospector, Mansion House
Lv19         Cannon Street, Angel Passage, Eastcheap, Tudor Street, Temple Place
Lv20         Monument Tunnels, Monument Crawlway, Bell Yard, Fleet Street
Lv21         Ludgate Hill, Kingsway, Stonecutter, Bishop's Court
Lv22         Upper Thames, Waterman's Walk, Lower Thames, Old Bailey
Lv23         Tower Gateway, Tower of London, Fenchurch, Trinity Square
Lv24         Aldgate, King William Street, Threadneedle
Lv25         Crown Office Row, Exodus, Cannon Street Rail?, Mark Lane Approach,
              Mark Lane Station, Liverpool Approach, Liverpool Tunnels
Lv26         Abandoned Tunnels, Devonshire Square, Houndsditch, Primrose, Shoreditch
Lv27         Bishopsgate, Necropolis(All)
Lv28         Wormwood, Undershaft, Finsbury Circus, London Wall, Moorgate,
              Ropemaker Street
Lv29         Lambs Passage, Whitecross, Mark Square, Old Street, Finsbury Market,
              Ploughyard, Guild Hall, St. Paul's Approach, Church Yard,
              Patermaster Row, Cheapside
Lv30         Little Britain, St. Paul's Hellgate, Hell