Equipment is stuff that will be used during your adventures in Hellgate:London. These are items that can be equiped on the paperdoll model to gain benefit from it's use, or items carried in your inventory to be used at a certain time.

Currently there are three equipment types, the armor equipment, the hand-slot equipment, which are mostly weapons and shields, and the "interaction" equipment, usually meant for quests.

Consumables are not considered equipment.

Equipment by typeEdit




During play, all players will probably sustain a hit from a demon, undead or other player. The amount of damage recieved is not only dependant on their attack, but also on your defense. Equipping various pieces of armor can greatly increase your chance of survival against the masses from hell. Learn more about that in the Armor page.

Quest equipmentEdit

For a number of quests, a player will recieve items to be used in certain circumstances. Some of these are equipable, others are only part of the inventory. The quest Equipment usually requires to be used at a certain location or monsters. This can be done while equiped and while in the inventory. Some items, such as the laser goggles, only work in specific area's and operate only when worn. Considering that more than one faction usually needs to do a quest, these are usually Faction free Equipment

Equipment by factionEdit


Cabalist Weapons

Cabalist Armor


Hunter Weapons

Hunter Armor


Templar Weapons

Templar Armor


Each item can have enhancements on it. These are added stats for a piece of equipment. There are currently five levels of enhancement: Common (white), Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), Legendary (orange), and Unique (yellow). A complete list of options can be seen on the Affix List page.