Engineer Edit

The Engineer makes use of powerful weaponry as well as a variety of drones and bots, working in tandem to defeat his enemies. Like the Marksman, first person perspective can be easier to fight in, though third person perspective is also possible.

The engineer's drone is a modifiable "pet" which retains armor, weapons, and it's own set of hit points.

Engineer Skills Edit

Construct Drone: The Engineer's primary pet. By default, it fires an electric shock burst at the enemy. Additionally, there are a multitude of skills that can give the drone different damage types and other abilities.

Drone Attachment/Encasement: Allows the Engineer to equip the drone with weaponry and armor. This allows the Engineer to vastly increase its firepower and armor.

Rocket Bots: The engineer calls in a temporary pet, which brings massive firepower to the field. However, when its ammo is depleted, it self-destructs.