• In life there is always death. In HG:L there too is death.
  • Death however is handled in a unique way, unlike life.

Death Screen[]

  • When you are slain by a monster in HG:L this screen will display

-Respawn back at nearest town (or in hellgate's case the last underground station visited)

-Respawn at the beginning of the level

-Pay Paladium to be revived at the spot where you died

NOTE: For elite mode, you only have the option to respawn back at the last underground station visited. Hence, here is where PRDs come in handy

Death Options[]

  • There are a variety of ways to be revived once the demon army has vanquished you

Respawn in Town[]

  • similar to the /resign in GW. When you die and pick this option you return to town
  • There appears to be no penalty. This is also the case with a game crash or disconnection where you automatically arrive back at your last station (town) visited.


  • You respawn at the start of the instance as a fast moving ghost and after working your way closer to your death location (gravestone), you will respawn with half of your total health and no shields. You have a short period of time before you are attackable after respawning, just as if you had passed through a portal.
  • You will have reduced EXP gain for 5 minutes, this is about a 10% penalty. ( A countdown marker appears on your screen for this period).


  • Revive at your headstone
  • You will respawn with full health and shields.
  • The only option which will require you to pay Palladium to respawn
  • Currently the penalty is not known