Speculation/Video AnalysisEdit

Hellgate: London is a 1st/3rd Person Action Role Playing Game with online multiplayer at its base. Using this information and information gathered from videos/limited play experiences we can speculate about combat gameplay.


  • The style of aiming will be determined by your faction as well as your method of attack: guns and spells will differ in how they aim.
    • Melee: Swing away :)
    • Spells: TBA
    • Guns: Lock on with your aiming retical for maximum accuracy.


Cabalists and Templars will both use a Soft Aiming system while the Hunters will use a Point Aiming system which also has a mild soft aim.

Soft AimingEdit

  • If you have your reticle on a monster, your weapon will fire directly at it.
    • If your weapon is autolocking, it will definitely hit it.
    • Otherwise the weapon's projectile will veer in the direction of the monster.

Point AimingEdit

  • Hunters will not have this auto-aim system but, instead, will most likely have a semi-soft aiming system, similar to console shooters.
  • Hitting a monster on any part of their body does the same damage.
    • Hunters will not be awarded extra damage for head shots either. Aiming will only determine whether or not an individual shot hits or misses its target, not the damage that each shot inflicts.
    • This has been stated or hinted at by a few developers(needs source).


Combat ViewEdit

  • First person view is available anyone who is wielding a gun. However, you are forced to third person when a melee weapon is equipped even if you have a gun in one hand.
  • Third person view is available for all classes and is forced for classes using melee items.

Weaponry RestrictionsEdit

  • All factions can dual wield pistols.
  • No one may dual wield shields.
  • It is actually possible to wield both a sword and gun simultaneously.


  • May not use two handed-guns.
  • May use Pistols (single-handed guns).


  • Only class that may dual wield swords.


  • Only classess that may use shields.


  • May use Focus Items
  • May dual wield Focus Items with point in Skill Tree
  • Have their own special types of guns, different from those that the other factions may use.


  • Only class that may use two-handed guns