Hellgate: London contains a vivid character creation screen. Below is detailed information on each feature that is customizable for a new character

  • Information Listed Below Is NOT Official (subject to change)
  • Pictures will become available once the Official Product is launched for each category
  • You choose your faction during the character creation process.
  • At the moment, it appears that each faction maintains the same height and girth restrictions.


Upper body features such as hair, face, eyes etc


  • 6 Facial Varieties (subject to change)


  • 6 Hairstyles (subject to change)

Hair ColorEdit

  • 10 colors to chose from (subject to change)
    • Colors are preset; they will not be controlled with a slider.


You will be allowed to choose to physical features of your character during creation; however, your choices will be restricted to certain boundaries. For example, although you can create a tall character, you will not be able to create a giant.





  • Ivan has stated that there will be major limitations on name length and acceptable characters.
    • This will prevent players from having obnoxious titles with obscure characters.