Armors are equipable items that give protection and other various advantages.

An armor has two main stats, the Armor Rating, which can be seen by the number in the grey helmet and the Energy Shields value, which is the value in the blue shield. These values are the exact values of the armor and shield, unlike weapons, which have a wieghted rating system.

Armors can be divided into four wearers classes:


The armor of the Cabalist offers the least protection of all armors, sometimes even none. Advantages are that they will usually help the Cabalist kill the demons before they have eaten through their Energy Shields.

Cabalist Armor


A medium-low armor. Depending on the situation, hunters mostly use hit and run tactics. In the offchance that they do get caught, this armor gives atleast some protection. The first blows against this armor usually are followed by a Sprint or Escape!

Hunter Armor


Templars usually have the heaviest armor, which is needed for the close combat and melee situations they seek out so often.

Templar Armor

Faction FreeEdit

All low level armors found will belong to this type. They can be identified by names as "of the recruit" etc.

Faction free Equipment