• When shooting a gun, a projectile can travel to any location within the player's reticle.
    • When a player shoots, his reticle will grow larger. As he continues to fire, his reticle will keep growing, making it tough to gage whether or not a shot will hit an enemy.
  • The higher a player's accuracy is, the rate at which the reticule increases size will slow, allowing him a better chance at successfully hitting the enemy.
  • In the case of Hunters, the effects of accuracy will basically allow him to be more sure that his shots travel where his reticle is pointing.
  • For gun-wielding Cabalists or Templars, higher accuracy will increase the weapon's lock-on capabilities, allowing them to shoot at farther distances and be more sure that their shots will hit.
  • For every point added to the accuracy attribute you gain 2% additional critical hit damage.
  • Improving accuracy also allows for better gear to be equipped. Guns often require players to have a high accuracy before they are able to wield them. Some armor also requires accuracy, but it is often an insubstantial amount.