As stated within HGDB there were rumors of Playboy producing and releasing adult images of Hellgate: Londons, Avalon.

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Playboy has recently began its venture into the gaming world with its title Playboy: The Mansion. A strong move by Playboy as most gamers consist of the male gender, and maybe the gaming women might just wish they were playmates or just bunnies. Again a brave yet profitable move by Playboy, as men like to look at women, even if they are graphically composed. Playboy does a wonderful job of composing fully nude to semi nude images of gamer girls. Magazines have done similar actions in the past by featuring centerfolds labeled like "Summer time: Bikini Gamer Girls" containing pictures of random females from many different games.

There is currently no hint of Playgirl making special gaming issues, or images for its magazine.

In the link below is Playboys rendition of Avalon from Hellgate: London.

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Warning: This link contains adult material and may not be suited for children. Enter at your own risk. 'Edit: Here is another link for those who are interested in using Playboys picture, it is a great wallpaper. Click at your own risk. Here is another extreme hi-res image. Again, click at your own risk.

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Here is more information about the game and the topic [1]

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